Thursday, 17 November 2016

Special combo clasps

If you use thread rather than wire for your beading and want to attach a lobster clasp to your necklace or bracelet, you may find it difficult to keep a jump ring on the thread at the other end. Worse still, a split ring can often fray your thread. So, what's the answer?

I've been using closed rings for some time now and I find that they are the most effective partner for lobster clasps, especially on necklaces where a fancy clasp might be hidden under hair.

A pack of 5 x medium lobster clasps with 5 x 6mm closed rings, is the perfect partnership. Available in either gold colour or silver colour, they are just £1.20 per pack.

It's been a while .... new delica colours

We've had a busy summer but we've still found space for some new Delica colours and they are all now available on the website.  
HD1765 Sparkling Celery Lined Opal AB
£3.75 for 10g

HD056 Lined Magenta AB
£3.50 for 10g

HD067 Lined Flesh AB
£3.50 for 10g

HD256 Lined Crystal / Taupe
£3.75 for 10g

HD149 Silver Lined Aquamarine
£4.25 for 10g

HD251 Galvanised Grey Lustre
£6.50 for 10g

HD234 Lined Crystal / Pale Salmon
£3.50 for 10g

HD215 Opaque Sky Blue Lustre
£3.50 for 10g

HD725 Opaque Light Blue
£3.50 for 10g

HD741 Matte Transparent Crystal
£3.25 for 10g

HD916 Sparkling Light Green Lined Chartreuse
£3.75 for 10g

HD1202 Silver Lined Dark Cranberry
£4.25 for 10g

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Bead a tassel using tubular peyote stitch

Our bead groups had a great time during National Beading Week making all sorts of tassels, so I thought I would share one method of beading tassels, using tubular peyote stitch. Small tassels are quick to make and make ideal stocking fillers. Go to The (Virtual) Beading Room - and find it under Free Stuff.

Happy tasselling!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Tracker solution

Do you want to wear your Fitbit Flex when you go out at night but the standard bands just don't look right, and so you take it off and wear a bracelet? Well, you're not alone. To solve this dilemma I have designed this holder that can be attached to a bracelet and voila! You're fit to flex for those extra steps.

For more details about the pattern (priced at £3.50) go to the Bracelet page at

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Free stuff - new addition

Whether tubular peyote is something new, or you just want a refresher, then this free technique sheet is just what you need. I've used 2 colours of beads to help, and you can practice with any size of seed bead. Download your free instructions now at (under the Free stuff section). This is the even count version; odd count will be added soon.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Workshop update - 1st October

Manda has made another colour available for this double-sided bead embroidered medallion / key fob.
You can now choose from the original blue and gold beads or the new red and silver beads.
For more information, or to book your place and choice of colour go to the Book a Workshop page at

New downloadable patterns added

2 more patterns have been added to our downloadable range in The (Virtual) Beading Room. They are the pattern for Chequerboard Bracelet and a new design for a Christmas Bauble - Delicate Daisy. Enjoy x