Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Delicas galore!!

We've done it again. More Delica colours have been added to our range. 17 in fact! Here they are and you can see more details and order them now from our website.
HD002 £2.95 for 10g
HD059 £2.95 for 10g
HD163 £2.95 for 10g
HD178 £2.95 for 10g

HD301 £3.50 for 10g

HD354 £4.50 for 10g
HD609 £4.50 for 10g
HD611 £4.50 for 10g

HD688 £4.50 for 10g

HD745 £3.50 for 10g
HD778 £3.50 for 10g

HD1345 £4.50 for 10g

HD1347 £4.50 for 10g

HD1572 £3.50 for 10g

HD1537 £3.50 for 10g
HD1587 £3.50 for 10g

HD1776 £3.25 for 10g

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

NEW - 30mm bugles now in stock

We have just added a range of 30mm Czech bugles to the web site.
There are 5 colours in plain and 10 colours in twisted bugles.
Depending on the finish there can be between 33 and 38 bugles per pack.
Priced at only 95p for 10g (approx) pack.
30HTB478 Silver Lined Cobalt Twisted 30mm 30HB454 Silver Lined Gold 30mm

Look at our Bugles page for the full range!