Tuesday, 11 March 2014

New colours added

As usual we have added new delica 11 colours to our range. Just 3 this time. More will be on the way - we just have to figure out where to put them!!!

Delica 11 HD176
Transparent Light Sapphire
£2.95 for 10g

Delica 11 HD741
Matte Transparent Crystal
£3.25 for 10g

Delica 11 HD 781
Dyed Matte Transparent Amber
£3.25 for 10g

We have added a new size 11 seed bead. We already had this popular colour in size 8 so it will complement our seed bead range perfectly.

Miyuki 11 seed bead 11HM272
Pink Lined Crystal AB
£2.50 for 25g

By request we have added red KO to our threads range, a Mag-Lok magnetic clasp in 8mm gold plated and a black Miyuki 3.4mm Drop.

Miyki 3.4mm Drop HDP9401
Matte Black
£2.50 for 30g

Exciting new products

We've got so excited about our new products. Not only have we added new colours to our existing range but we've added new ranges too! Here are the new ranges....

First of all we have got some clutch bags that contain a 7-piece tool kit. In 3 colours - pink, copper and black they are great value at just £25. You'll find all the colours under accessories on our website now. Order a clutch bag and you'll get free 1st Class postage too.

A nifty little gadget also dropped into our shopping trolley!! This is ideal for getting your bracelets, buttons and zips fastened without having to ask for help. Find it under accessories at just £6.95.

Next we have got some Czech Superduo beads. There are more and more patterns in magazines and free on the internet. If you've not moved into 2-hole beads yet then why not give them a go - they are really affordable at between £2.00 and £2.95 for 12g. You can buy them with the bead boxes too. Check out the website for all our colours.

Finally we have got some Czech 2-hole Tile beads.  Priced at between £2.25 and £3.50 you get 25 tiles per string. Check out the website for all our colours.