Wednesday, 10 December 2014

New bead colours now in stock

To supplement our range of Miyuki size 11 Duracoat beads we have now added galvanized pewter in sizes 15 and 8.
Duracoat Galvanized Pewter
£3.50 for 15g

Duracoat Galvanized Pewter
£2.75 for 15g

We have also added 1 more size 8 colour and 3 more size 11 colours to our Miyuki seed bead range.
Opaque Chocolate
£2.25 for 25g

Dyed Salmon
£2.95 for 25g

Semi-matte Salmon/Lined Light Amber
£2.95 for 25g

Matte Opaque Cream
£4.95 for 25g

And finally, our new Delica 11 colours are:

Copper Lined Crystal
£5.50 for 10g

Matte Metallic Blue Green/Gold Iris
£5.95 for 10g

Opaque Pink Champagne
£3.50 for 10g

Opaque Light Smoke
£3.50 for 10g

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Seed beads and Delicas back in stock for Christmas

Our latest delivery has now been unpacked and the website updated with back-in-stock beads. New beads are being photographed and will be added very soon.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Crystal bicones back in stock

We have managed to replenish most of our crystal bicone range, so if we were missing your favourite colour or size, then take a look at the updated page to check it out.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Just in time for Christmas - new kits, Delicas and seed beads

We had a fantastic day at the Cheshire Bead Fair last Sunday. I did a demonstration of brick stitch and re-designed one of my small christmas tree patterns to work in 3mm cubes. The finished result was great and very popular at the fair. So much so that this kit is now available on the Bead kits - Christmas Kits - page of our website. Priced at just £6.95 you get full instructions and all the materials to make a tree that is 10cm tall.

Those of you who get Bead & Jewellery magazine may also have noticed that we have the suggested Miyuki  bead colours for Sefanie Deddo-Evans' design of Emerald Aisles Bracelet. You can buy the full tubes if you want but we also do a bead pack which had just the right number of beads that you need for the pattern. It's only the seed beads though - you will have to get all the other items from the other suppliers she mentioned. We have 3 colours, green, blue and purple.

As ever, we have brought in some new Delica beads and some new seed beads - both in size 11s. Just for a change I'll put everything together here, well I don't want to be too predictable now do I??
11HM273 Crystal Lined Light Yellow
£2.75 for 25g

11HM1921 Semi-matt Yellow / Lined Crystal
£2.75 for 25g

Semi-matt Light Peach / Lined Amber
£2.75 for 25g

11HM1937 Semi-matt Peach / Lined Amber
£2.75 for 25g
HD209 Opaque Light Grey Lustre
£3.50 for 10g

HD072 Lined Pale Lilac AB
£2.95 for 10g

HD077 Lined Blue AB
£2.95 for 10g

HD126 Pink Lustre Light Olive
£5.95 for 10g
HD235 Lined Crystal / Salmon Lustre
£2.95 for 10g

HD266 Opaqie Denim Blue Lustre
£3.50 for 10g

HD267 Opaque Blueberry Lustre
£3.50 for 10g

HD1201 Silver Lined Marigold
£3.50 for 10g

HD1500 Opaque Bisque White AB
£3.50 for 10g

HD1575 Opaque Avocado AB
£2.95 for 10g
And there you have it. For now.....
Happy beading,
Kathryn and Gordon

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New colours in Miyuki size 15 seed beads Oct 14

It's been quite some time since we added to our size 15 range and I'm not sure where we're gonna put them yet, but here they are...

£7.25 for 10g

£2.75 for 15g

Metallic Light Bronze
£4.95 for 15g

New colours in Miyuki size 11 seed beads Oct 14

These are the new size 11 seed beads...
Galvanized Light Beige
£3.50 for 25g

Matte Silver Lined Sapphire
£2.50 for 25g

Transparent Amethyst AB
£2.25 for 25g

Aqua Lined Light Topaz AB
£2.50 for 25g

Matte Blue-Grey
£2.75 for 25g

New Delica colours Oct 14

Here we are again, with some new additions to our range of Delica 11 beads. Hope you like 'em!

Lined Rose Pink AB
£2.95 for 10g

Opaque Red AB
£3.25 for 10g

Dyed Dark Mauve
£3.25 for 10g

Sunday, 21 September 2014

On-line payment update

Hi there

Over the next few days you will notice that the WorldPay payment link will have been removed from our website. This is because they have increased our charges by over 1,000%!  Yes, we had to doublecheck this too but 1,000% is too much to have to pass on to you, our customers. So, we voted with our feet and closed our account with them, but do not despair you can still make payment via one of our other methods.

PayPal option 1 - Use your debit/credit card as you always have done - NB you do not need an account with PayPal to use this service.

PayPal option 2 - Use your account if you have one.

Cheque option 1 - Complete your order online, click on "print your order and post with payment". Write your details on the order form then post it to us with your cheque.

Cheque option 2 - Complete your order online, click on "Online checkout". Enter your details AND in the comments box tell us you are going to send a cheque (this saves you the inconvenience of us ringing you about a missing payment!). Submit the order but do not continue to the payment section.

By telephone - Complete your order online, click on "Online checkout". Enter your details AND in the comments box tell us you are going to ring with your card details (this saves you the inconvenience of us ringing you about a missing payment!). Submit the order but do not continue to the payment section.

And finally... we are always happy for you to give us a ring with any queries or to place your order.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

New kits now available

We've just updated our website with some new kits in time to celebrate our nomination in the Make & Sell Jewellery Awards in the category "Best supplier for Jewellery Kits".

We are also nominated in 3 other categories and Beads Up North, our Haydock Park event, has been nominated in the "Best Bead/Craft Show or Event".

There is a link on our website to the voting pages so VOTE NOW.

And here's a quick look at the new kits - go to the website more information and to buy yours now.

Happy beading,

Chequerboard Bracelet £7.50

Chequerboard Bracelet £7.50

Diamond Delight Bracelet
in peyote stitch £15.95

Stripes Bracelet
 in herringbone weave £9.95

Kit makes 3 puddings with hangers for £5.95

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

New seed bead colours Sept 14

And here are the new colours in the Miyuki size 11 seed bead range...

Amethyst Lined Light Topaz
£2.75 for 25g

Navy Lined Aqua AB
£2.75 for 25g

Cobalt Lined Aqua AB
£2.75 for 25g

Dark Pink Lined Amber
£2.50 for 25g

£3.50 for 15g

£3.50 for 15g

£3.50 for 15g