Sunday, 18 August 2013

Also just added, 2 more size 8 seed bead colours

We've added 2 more colours to our Miyuki size 8 seed bead range. They are now available to order on our web site.

Crystal AB
8HM250 £2.25 for 25g
Gilt lined white opal
8HM551 £2.25 for 25g

We have just added 16 more new colours to our Delica range. We can now offer all of the colours suggested by Chris Manes for the A Muse Ink patterns that we stock. Here are the new colours, available now.

Metallic Teal Iris
HD027 £5.25 for 10 g
Transparent Raspberry AB
HD104 £3.50 for 10g
Transparent lilac AB
HD173 £2.95 for 10g

Lined crystal/grey
HD242 £2.95 for 10g

Matte metallic olive green
HD311 £6.25 for 10g
Matte bright gold 24kt plated
HD331 £8.95 for 5g
Matte metallic olive gold
HD371 £6.25 for 10g
Dyed opaque squash
HD651 £3.25 for 10g

Semi matte silver lined squash
HD681 £3.95 for 10g
Opaque yellow
HD721 £2.95 for 10g

Matte pale yellow AB
HD854 £3.25 for 10g

Matte orange AB
HD855 £3.25 for 10g

Matte opaque lilac AB
HD875 £3.25 for 10g

Sparkling rose lined aqua
HD922 £2.95 for 10g

Silver lined lime
HD1206 £3.50 for 10g

Silver lined pale lime opal
HD1453 £3.95 for 10g