Friday, 30 October 2015

What!! more new colours already?

Yes, we have been so busy this month that we just had to get everything back in stock in time for Nantwich this weekend. We couldn't go there with all the racks half empty now, could we?

So we picked these - and they're now available on the website too. We have introduced the size 11 seed bead 11HM408 - Opaque Red - by special request as it matches the size 15 (15H9408) and size 8 (8HM408) already in the range. The other 7 are, of course, Delica 11s. Enjoy!!

Opaque Red
£2.50 for 25g
Opaque Light Blue AB
£2.95 for 10g
Dyed Matte Opaque Olive
£3.75 for 20g

Sparkling Light Bronze Lined Crystal
£2.95 for 10g
Sparkling Dark Grey Lined Crystal
£2.95 for 10g
Silver Lined Cinnamon Opal
£4.25 for 10g
Matte Opaque Bisque White
£4.25 for 10g
Matte Opaque Currant
£4.25 for 10g

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Also added, new toggles

And we've also added a few new toggle sizes....

Plain Toggle, 15mm Gold Plated
£1.25 each

Plain toggle, 15mm Silver Plated
£1.00 each

Plain toggle, 12mm (side loop) Silver Plated
£1.00 for 2

Our new Delicas

Well, we're doing it again. More new Delica 11 colours are now available on the website, and here they are....
Seafoam Lustre £3.50 for 10g

Opaque Dark Olive Lustre £5.50 for 10g

Opaque Royal Blue AB £2.95 for 10g

Opaque Alabaster Lustre £3.50 for 10g

Matte Opaque Light Terracotta £4.25 for 10g

Silver Lined Teal - dyed £4.25 for 10g

Dyed Matte Opaque Turquoise £3.50 for 10g

Dyed Matte Opaque Vermillion £3.50 for 10g

Silver Lined Caribbean Teal £3.50 for 10g

Opaque Currant AB £3.50 for 10g

Beige Lined Opal AB £2.95 for 10g

Hot Pink Lined Crystal AB £2.95 for 10g

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Drop In To Bead - patterns now available in The (Virtual) Beading Room

I have made our range of Drop In To Bead patterns available as downloads. Priced at only £2.50 each, they are a great introduction to new stitches or just something that you can make up in an hour or two.
You can find them at under Drop In To Bead Patterns.
Daisy, Daisy Bracelet

Nestling Pearls

Orbital Cubes Bracelet

Flower Power Bracelet

Spiral Cube Key Ring

Squares Bracelet

Ziggy Bracelet

Thursday, 8 October 2015

It's nearly Halloween!!!

It's nearly here and I have just uploaded 2 patterns to The (Virtual) Beading Room for you to download. There is my pumpkin charms design available as a full pattern with step-by-step instructions and diagrams for brick stitch or as a chart only.
I have also added my hot-off-the-press design for this year - a spider's web brooch, complete with spider and fly!
There is a full kit option too and this will be available on the main site later this week.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Christmas Tree Pattern

I have had this Christmas kit for a little while and following several requests yesterday at the Uxbridge Bead Fair, the pattern is now available to download. It is a great introduction to brick stitch and is only £2.50.
Get yours now from or follow the links to The (Virtual) Beading Room from the main site.