Friday, 21 August 2015

New seed beads, cubes and Superduos

And here are the rest of the new colours
Miyuki 3mm cube
3CSH234 £2.75 for 25g
Metallic Gold Lined Crystal

Miyuki size 11 seed bead
11HM1010 £2.95 for 25g
Silver Lined Flame Red AB

Miyuki size 15 seed bead
15H91486 £2.75 for 15g
Dyed Opaque Purple

Miyuki size 15 seed bead
15H94201 £3.50 for 10g
DURACOAT Galvanized Silver

Miyuki size 15 seed bead
15H94202 £3.50 for 10g
DURACOAT Galvanized Gold

HSD-01700 £2.00 for 12g
Crystal Bronze Aluminium

HSD-27101 £2.00 for 12g
Crystal Capri Gold

HSD-523982 £1.95 for 12g

New Delica colours

These fab new colours are now available on the Delica bead page.

HD601 £4.50 for 10g
Silver Lined Copper - Dyed

HD608 £4.50 for 10g
Silver Lined Blue Zircon - Dyed

HD622 £4.50 for 10g
Silver Lined Peach Alabaster - Dyed

HD625 £4.50 for 10g
Silver Lined Pink Alabaster - Dyed

HD652 £3.25 for 10g
Dyed Opaque Grey

HD924 £3.25 for 10g
Sparkling Cranberry Lined Crystal

HD1012 £5.25 for 10g
Medium Raspberry Lustre

HD1051 £6.25 for 10g
Matte Metallic Bronze/Gold Iris

HD1483 £3.25 for 10g
Transparent Mint Lustre

HDHEX060 £3.25 for 10g
Hex Cut Lined Lime AB
As used in Raphael by A Muse Ink

HD052 £3.25 for 10g
Off White AB

Friday, 7 August 2015

The Virtual Beading Room Update

The password bug has now been fixed, so you will be able to register as a new customer or change your password without any difficulty.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Virtual Beading Room

We are currently experiencing technical problems when creating an account or changing a password and are working to correct this. In the meantime, if there is anything you want to purchase (or for free patterns) please ring us on 01254 236049 or email and I will make sure you get what you need.

Monday, 3 August 2015

New patterns now available at The Virtual Beading Room

After many requests yesterday I have uploaded the Barefoot Bling Beach Bar pattern (find it under anklets) and the Loopy Lamb pattern (find it under non-jewellery) to The Virtual Beading Room. 

Click the link from our main site or go direct to The anklet is already available as a full kit in 3 colours and we will soon be able to offer the Loopy Lamb pattern as a kit too, so watch this space for an update. Happy beading.