Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Muse Ink update

We have taken delivery of some new designs - see below - and these are now available on our website. We have discovered that you beaders are very creative with these designs and not everyone makes a fringe or a back panel, so we have developed our bead packs for the main design only.
We have got bead packs for all of the designs where there is a recommended colour palatte.

Where there is no bead pack listed, or if you want to use different colours, just email us a list of the number of beads needed in each colour you want and we will happily quote you a price for your personalised bead pack.

Are you making a back panel too? Tiger Woman has the option of a bead pack for the back panel as Chris has recommended the colours for a stunning stripe, but you can of course do a plain back if you prefer. For this or any of the designs, tell us which Delica colour/s you need in the comments section of the order and we will email you back with a price for just the amount you need. Alternatively, email gordon@halfpenney.co.uk or just give us a ring on 01254 236049.

Don't forget to look at our range of 30mm bugles which are ideal for the fringes.

Drama Masks

Mardi Gras 1

Midnight Mystique