Monday, 25 May 2015

New - Drop In To Bead Kits now available

Inspired by our Drop In table at Haydock Park Bead Festival, these "Drop In To Bead" kits have been designed to make in an hour or two, with no experience necessary. They are great value at just £5 each, either as an introduction to Bead Weaving or as a quick make for those occasions when you just have nothing to wear!! There are 2 colour options available for each design. Click on Bead Kits, then Drop In To Bead kits to see the full range. New designs will be added twice a year to coincide with the Bead Festivals, see
Orbital Cubes bracelet

Daisy, Daisy bracelet

Flower Power bracelet

Nestling Pearls bracelet

Spiral Cube key ring

Squares bracelet

Ziggy bracelet

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Beading Experience in Accrington July 28th 2015

Here at Halfpenney's, our bead groups are getting ready for National Beading Week - 25th July - 2nd August? Why not join us in Accrington Library on Tuesday 28th July for a fun beading day, or just pop in and see our exhibitions, displays, demonstrations and 'Av a Go sessions. Whether you're experienced or never done beading before, there will be something for you. 

And what's even better than a beading event.... yes, a FREE beading event
Whether you want to display some of your beading, come along for a beading day, or just pop in for a quick look, it will be COMPLETELY FREE. So what's stopping you from getting involved? 

Contact me for more details -