Thursday, 20 December 2012

New additions to our Delica 11 range

Here are the details of the latest additions.

HD082 £2.92 for 10g

HD167 £2.95 for 10g
HD170 £2.95 for 10g
HD355 £3.95 for 10g

HD903 £2.95 for 10g
HD909 £2.95 for 10g

HD1376 £3.50 for 10g

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Price reductions!!

Yes, that's right. Reductions.

It's not often you see genuine price reductions.
We have made some reductions on a few of our Delica beads. This is because a recent purchase of the beads has benefited from a better freight charge and exchange rate on the dollar. So we are passing the savings on to you!

Delica 11 DB1490 was £3.95 NOW £3.50 for 10g
Delica 11 DB041 was £4.50 NOW £3.75 for 10g
Delica 11 DB1507 was £3.95 NOW £3.50 for 10g
Fireline 6lb Smoke was £8.50 NOW £7.95 for 50 yd reel

These prices will remain at least until we buy some more!

Goodness knows what will happen then!