Monday, 18 March 2013

Want to order by phone?

Do you prefer to browse the web then order by phone and pay on your card but found this was not available to you on our web site? Well, wait no longer. We can now accept orders over the phone and take payment by card.  If you still prefer to send us a cheque then this is ok too.   
Don't forget out motto: if we're in, we're open. If we're out when you ring just leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. It also means that we are often here in the evenings, so you can order later in the day if you want.
Postage is still free if the order is over £15! If the order is £15 or less, postage is £1.50.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Web site changes

We are working to improve our web site so over the next few months you may see a few changes. The first change that has already happened is that the tabs at the top of the page now have a drop down menu which will make it easier for you to find things. We'll try to keep you updated as we go and I'm really looking forward to a major addition to our range - more of that later....
Let us know if you have any comments about the changes we are making.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Other beads added to the range

We have added 2 new colours to the Miyuki size 11 seed beads. For the first time, we have bought some twisted bugles - Miyuki 6mm - and in 2 colours. Check them out.

11HM02 £2.50 for 25g
Silver lined light gold
11HM409 £2.50 for 25g
Opaque brown

6HTBM177 £2.50 for 20g
Transparent cobalt AB
6HTBM3936 £2.50 for 20g
Light yellow/dark topaz

Latest range of new Delica colours

Our latest delivery included 7 new colours to add to our range of Delica 11s. Check our website for these and the full range of Delica beads.

HD063 £2.95 for 10g
HD065 £2.95 for 10g

HD182 £5.50 for 10g
HD863 £3.50 for 10g

HD884 £3.50 for 10g
HD1569 £2.95 for 10g

HD1596 £3.50 for 10g