Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New products for July 2011

We have now got our latest delivery sorted and here are the new products that you can find on our website at

It's my first attempt at putting pictures in - mmm, I'm not too happy with the layout, there must be an easier way!!

Hope you like them.

Oh yes, don't forget it's our Bead Fair at Haydock Park Racecourse this Sunday from 10am - 4pm.

It should be a brilliant day. We are full with traders from all over the country, along with the Beadworkers Guild and our own bead groups doing the drop-in. Once again we will be having the free prize draw hampers, the contents of which are kindly donated by the traders.

Hope to see you there.

Gordon & Kathryn
3 hole clasp - silver plated

Seed bead size 6 - 6H342

Seed bead size 6 - 6H452

Seed bead size 6 - 6H748

Seed bead size 6 - 6H9002

Seed bead size 8 - 8H452

Seed bead size 8 - 8H524

Seed bead size 8 - 8H538

Seed bead size 11 - 11H452

Seed bead size 11 - 11H524

Seed bead size 15 - 15H9409

Seed bead size 15 - 15H92003

Delica size 11 - HD048

Delica size 11 - HD206

Delica size 11 - HD252

Delica size 11 - HD373

Delica size 11 - HD374

Delica size 11 - HD379

Head pins 2 1/4" gold plated

Head pins 2 1/4" silver plated