Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Now for the new seed beads....

We are continuing to increase the range of Miyuki seed beads in 6, 8 and 11 - these are the ones with HM in their item number. These are sold in 25g bags. Also all of our size 15 beads are Miyuki, which are sold in 15g bags. See our seed bead pages for our full range.

6HM402 £2.00 for 25g

6HM402F £2.50 for 25g

8HM24 £2.25 for 25g

8HM272 £2.50 for 25g

8HM1005 £2.50 for 25g
8HM451 £2.50 for 25g

11HM12 £2.25 for 25g

11HM535 £2.50 for 25g

15H9597 £2.75 for 15g
15H91053 £3.75 / 15g